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4 Signs You’re In A Work From Home Slump And How to Get Out Of It

When you decide to work from home or you’re suddenly working from home because there’s a pandemic, the first reaction is “heck yea!”

But after a month of doing it, you’re quickly realizing it isn’t quite working out the way you imagined.

All of a sudden, you’re feeling worn out and frustrated. You feel like you’re spinning your wheels but you’re getting nowhere. And you’re losing motivation and just not feeling it most days.

It’s a scary feeling, isn’t it? But don’t worry, it’s totally normal.

What you’re experiencing is a work-from-home slump and almost everyone who works from home, goes through this at some point.

I have gone through this myself on more than one occasion. And I like to consider myself to be a disciplined person. I have a set number of hours dedicated to work on my blog and other projects. But after working long hours day in and day out – there comes a point when I start to feel tired and not motivated with my work-from-home life. 

The Four Telling Signs of a Work From Home Slump

So how can you tell if you’re going through this stage? Here are four telling signs that you might be experiencing your own work from home slump.

  1. Job performance is not what it used to be.
  2. You’re not as productive as you were when you started working from home.
  3. There are delays projects or you’re not actively seeking clients/work.
  4. You are no longer happy or excited about working from home.
  5. You’re not as motivated about your job or business and have a difficult time getting your day started.
signs you're in a work from home slump

So What Do You Do If You’re In A Work From Home Slump?

The suggestions I’m about to share with you have worked for me when I start feeling the blahs. They’re very simple steps that you can implement right away because the sooner you start the sooner you get over the slump and get back on track.

  • Start with your mindset and get excited about your work from home life again. Think about the reasons why working from home works for you like no traffic, spend time with the kids, home for dinner.
  • Reaching goals shows progress. Take a look at the goals you set for yourself. Maybe you set the bar a little too high. There is nothing wrong with going back and adjusting your goals to more attainable ones.
  • Downsize. Maybe you’re taking on too many projects and starting to feel overwhelmed with all that’s on your plate. There is nothing wrong with lightening the load or working in blocks of time.
  • Take a break. If you’re in front of the computer all day and not enjoying life (the reason why you’re working at home in the first place) you might start to feel like you’re not accomplishing anything. I used to feel like the little hamster going around the wheel thingy.

One Last Thing

There are going to be times when you will feel like you’re not progressing. When that happens, take the suggestions I just shared with you and think about how far you’ve come from when you got started. I know you will fall in love with your work from home life all over again!

The key is to stay focused and not give up when you start to feel this way. Like Dory of Finding Nemo says, “just keep swimming.”

Here are four telling signs you might be in a work from home slump plus some simple suggestions to help you get over it.
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