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Work From Home Productivity Tips: Crisis Mode Edition

First, I hope you and your family are staying healthy. It’s a crazy world we’re living in right now but I have no doubt we’ll come out stronger than ever once this passes.

So much has changed in only a matter of months. The way we engage with our family and friends, the way we shop and the way we work.

For some bloggers who have a full time job, they suddenly find themselves working from home. And when you’ve been working in an office for some time, the transition can be quite the challenge.

For one thing, your co-workers aren’t around to chat it up between meetings. There’s no breakroom to escape the grind for 10 to 15 minutes.

And nevermind being confined to your home office but now you have to deal with distractions like the TV blaring. And with the kids out of school, there is now a background of beautiful noise.

This is the kind of stuff that can affect how productive you are.

My Productivity Tips For Work From Home Success

I’ve been working from home since 2007. I know what it’s like to try to get some work done when there is stuff going on in the background.

If you’ve recently started working from home here are my top productivity tips that will make working from home easier for you.

Keep The Office Mentality

What I mean by that is don’t slack off because you’re working from home. Instead keep the same disciplined mentality you had when you worked in the office. Stay on task and meet those deadlines!

If your employer is tracking your login time, stick to the schedule you’re given and take those breaks!

I know this is easier said than done but if you run a home-based or online business, make sure to take breaks to get a mini recharge in energy.

Get Up And Dress Up To Show Up

Don’t wake up right before you have to log in to start your day. Give yourself 30 minutes to an hour to wake up and prepare for the day. You can have a cup of coffee outside, put on some make-up and even meditate.

Get out of your pj’s and get dressed. Nothing business-like but throw on a pair of jeans and your favorite t-shirt. It will do wonders for your productivity!

Set Up A Quiet Workspace

If you don’t have a home office and you’ve got to speak with clients or customers, set up a work area that is private and away from the ruckus.

And if you have kids, maybe it’s time to bend the rules and let the kids watch TV in your bedroom while you work.

You’re probably wondering why you can’t just work in your bedroom. Well, the thing is you can become too relaxed and taking a nap will suddenly take priority over work. Been there, done that! 🙂

More Productivity Tips While You’re Working From Home

Before I wrap up this post, here are more productivity tips to keep your energy high and focus in check!

  • Get up and move around
  • Schedule family time
  • Work on a hobby
  • Go outside

I hope these tips will be helpful with the transition to your work from home life. Good luck and stay healthy!

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