work from home opportunities for introverts

The 9 Best Work From Home Jobs For Introverts

Introverts are an unusual bunch. They’re intelligent and creative but prefer to keep a small circle of friends and spend more alone time than usual. It’s not that they’re stuck-up or anything. That’s just how they roll.

And as a fellow introvert, I can totally relate.

It really didn’t hit me until I started working from home. I fell right into the work-from-home life. And looking back at my life in Corporate America, it made sense.

The times I was anxious before giving a presentation or cringing when we attended conferences with all the employees, I was outside of my comfort zone. From that point on, I couldn’t see myself going back into the workforce where face to face communication was necessary.

And for most introverts, that is a common problem when most companies look for someone who is outgoing.

Being outgoing carries so much weight that it might even be noted in annual employee reviews. Like, “so and so is very outgoing and interacts with co-workers. But something like “so and so prefers to work alone and does not interact with co-workers,” not so much.

So What Kind Of Work From Home Jobs Can Introverts Do?

work from home opportunities for introverts

The types of work from home jobs that are a perfect fit for introverts would be the ones that require little interaction so their creative and productive side can shine. Like these jobs below.

Chat Jobs

As a Chat rep, your primary means of communication will be through the company’s chat room. For example, let’s say is customer is on a website and as they’re browsing, a pop up appears asking if they need assistance. If they click yes, that’s where you come in to answer questions, up-sell products or assist with orders.

Here’s a list of places to find chat jobs:

Capital Typing



Live Person

Live World


Presto Experts

Typing Jobs

Typing jobs requires little interaction if at all. Some websites like Smart Crowd has jobs or snippets displayed. All you’d have to do is click on the snippet you want to work on.

Click here to find legit work-from-home typing jobs.

Transcription Jobs

Not only is this a great job for introverts but it also offers flexibility. So if you’re raising littles, you can work during the time that’s best for you.

There are some requirements for transcribers but you can also take online courses to get certified. Read How To Become A Transcriber Plus 27 Online Transcription Companies for a huge list of resources and place to find work.

work from home opportunities for introverts

Proofreading Jobs

If you’ve got a knack for grammar and spelling, this is the job for you. As a proofreader, you would edit copy for articles, press releases, newsletters, novels and other written documents.

Skills and experience requirements will vary by company but you should at least have killer spelling and grammar skills.

Here’s a list of places to find proofreading jobs to get you started.

Freelance Writing

Unlike a freelance writer who is self-employed and has to reach out to promote their business and network to land clients, when you work with sites that offer freelance gigs, you simply sign up for a job, do the work and turn it in.

Courthouse Researcher

As a courthouse researcher you would be research through public records in your area such as tax liens and civil records.

Check out the post 19 Places To Find Remote Courthouse Researcher Jobs for places to find jobs and resources to get tools and training.

Social Media Manager

As a social media manager, you’re the one behind the scenes getting sh*t done. You may have to meet with your boss about marketing plans and whatnot, but in a virtual world, it’s usually done by phone call or email.

Check out CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, Google Jobs and Hire My Mom for social media manager jobs.

work from home opportunities for introverts

Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you’re the one behind the scenes getting sh*t done. A client may need you to complete tasks like write content, manage their social media accounts, and research. Here are some places you can check out.

Closed Caption Reporter Jobs

As a closed caption reporter, you would be typing live news broadcasts, sitcoms and other televised programming for the hearing impaired. Or you might provide text for prerecorded programs like adding subtitles to DVDs.

If you have killer typing skills, you should check out these Closed Caption Reporter jobs.

Closing Up Work From Home Jobs For Introverts

So you see, there are jobs available for us introverts! Keep checking back here for more ways to make money from home. And follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter for daily updates.

Here are the 9 best types of work from home jobs for people who prefer to work alone and with as little interaction as possible.
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