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Work From Home As A TPV Agent: 6 Companies Hiring Now

Have you ever purchased something like internet service and were transferred to a representative to verify your transaction? Well, the service rep who verified your purchase is known as a Third Party Verification or TPV agent.

When I worked as a customer service rep at AT&T (known as SBC at the time), we had to transfer customers to a TPV agent anytime we placed an order for internet or long distance service.

They were responsible for ensuring that one, the customer agreed to that service. And two, that I accurately explained everything to the customer such as service rates and early termination fees.

Why The Need For TPV Agents

Back in the 80’s, Southwestern Bell was known as a monopoly. But after the phone company was split into regional companies there was an increase in telephone slamming. That’s when a customer is given a telephone service and changed without their consent.

Because of repeated customer complaints, telecommunication companies were now required to submit a verbal request for changes in service to a third-party verification (TPV) agent.

At the time, I thought that had to be the coolest job ever. The TPV agent records the conversation and verifies that the customer did want a new long-distance carrier or any change in their service.

6 Companies To Look For Remote TPV Jobs

While I was looking new work from home opportunities, I decided to research if there were any remote TPV agent jobs.

There were plenty of TPV companies but only a handful of remote TPV jobs.

Calibrus TPV

HEA Employment





Wrapping Up

So those are the places to find remote TPV agent jobs but keep checking back for an updated list.

Here is a list of the top 6 companies hiring third party verification agents (TPV agent) to work from home.
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