What Is The Hybrid Work Model

As our lives get busier and more complicated, the traditional work/home life balance becomes increasingly difficult to manage. Folks, especially women are finding that the best way to balance work and home life is to find a job that will give them the flexibility they need.

The hybrid work model has become increasingly popular and more and more companies are offering it as an option to their employees.

The mix of working from home and in the office allows employees to have the best of both worlds – the flexibility of working from home and the social interaction of working in an office.

There main challenge of this type of work arrangement, such as ensuring all employees have the necessary equipment and space at home to be able to work effectively.

Overall, the hybrid work model is a great option for many people, especially moms.

The Benefits Of Hybrid Work

The benefits of this model are clear…

Gets Parents One Step Closer To Work-Life Balance

I don’t think we’ll ever achieve work-life balance 100% but this type of workplace certainly gets parents one step closer.

Hybrid work gives parents the best of both worlds giving them options to work from an office and remotely so that they still get to spend time at home with their family.

Improves Health

Hybrid work helps to increase wellbeing. From a mental health standpoint, there is less stress because the triggers from working in a traditional workplace are no longer there.

Increased Productivity

With less stress comes more productivity. The freedom to work from home, in an office, or a combination of the two helps increase employee satisfaction. In return, employers see an uptick in their productivity and job performance.

The Future Of Hybrid Work

So what does the future look like for hybrid work?

Well, the folks over at McKinsey surveyed of 100 executives across different industries. Although they have embraced the hybrid work model, many organizations have only begun to think through and set the specifics of how to carry out a more permanent mix of remote and on-site working for all roles that aren’t essential to perform on-site.

The good news is, 9 out of 10 executives envision the hybrid work model going forward.

Where Can You Find Hybrid Work?

Here are some current listings:

HashiCorp – Sr. Manager, Product Management

Professional Staffing Group – Event Development Assistant

Stage 4 Solutions – Business Analyst – Web Applications

BCforward – Grant Administrator

US Tech Solutions – Administrative Assistant

National Biological Corporation – Digital Communications Specialist

Here's a breakdown of the hybrid work model, the benefits and where to find hybrid work. #hybridwork #workfromhome #remotework
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