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The Top Ten Work-from-Home Jobs

Over the years there have been many misconceptions about work-from-home jobs. And who can blame people for being weary of applying for one with all the scams that are out there.

At first, you would only find work-from-home jobs working as a telemarketer or sales rep for smaller companies. But time sure has changed. Big companies now offer work-from-home positions that range from customer service to account executives.

The Top Ten Types of Work-from-Home Jobs

If you’re looking a remote job, here is a list of the top 10 work-from-home jobs out there.

Customer Service

Customer service reps is the most popular work from home position. Major companies like HP and Apple have telecommuting jobs available throughout the United States and internationally.

To qualify for this type of job you’ll need to have at least a high school diploma or GED. You’ll need to have 6 months to 2 years of customer service experience. And you should have basic computer skills and be familiar with programs like Microsoft Word and Excel.

Online Tutor

If you enjoy helping people learn, keep reading. As an online tutor you would be working with adults or children in different age groups assisting them with homework, tutoring, or other school related projects.

To qualify as a candidate you should have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a particular subject matter and at least two years of work experience.


The first thing I would associate a transcriptionist career with was the medical field. The more I researched I soon learned I was wrong about that. There is also a general transcriptionist who will transcribe things like meetings and a legal transcriptionist may transcribe legal depositions or other legal document.

If you’re an excellent typist with speed and accuracy, have great listening skills this type a job would be right up your alley.


If you speak a second language you can work from home as a translator. Translators can be used in a variety of jobs such as translating in a court of law or during a conference call for a corporation.

If you’re fluent in Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Chinese, Italian, or German this field may be something to think about.

In The Medical Field

Nurses are used to working in a clinic or hospital. And the long hours are come with the job. But thanks to ever-evolving technology even nurses can say goodbye to the long shifts and enjoy the perks of working from home.

So there are three types of responsibilities a nurse can do from home. A triage nurse handles non-emergency situations through a series of questions and assessments. A home-care nurse provides medical attention to home-bound patients and a case manager is responsible for keeping track of a patient’s medical history.

Candidates must be registered and/or licensed in their state and have at least two years of experience.

Other work-from-home jobs in the medical field include billing and coding clerks. And that leads me to the next bullet.

Medical Billing and Coding

Doctors depend on medical billing and coders to correctly bill insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid. After all this is how a doctor gets paid.

A coder provides the proper code for a procedure performed in a doctor’s office or hospital. And the billing clerk will submit a claim to an insurance company, Medicare or Medicaid.

If you don’t have experience but would like a career in this field, there are vocational schools you can attend to get you certified in anywhere between 18 to 24 months. Many institutions even offer placement assistance after graduating and that takes away the stress of going out there and doing it alone.

Close Caption Reporter

A closed caption reporter provides text for a televised broadcast. It can either be in real time as the program is being aired or a pre-recorded show.

But, in order to qualify, you have to have some serious typing skills. Most companies require a typing speed from 200 to 280 words per minute. Plus, you have to be familiar with several transcription methods.

Virtual Assistant

Administrative assistants and other clerical reps are no longer confined to a desk working 9 to 5. I love that song by the way. If you have clerical skills and a home office with equipment like a computer, printer, and fax machine you can say goodbye to the commute and work from home.

A virtual assistant should have great typing skills, should be able to handle multiple tasks, meet stringent deadlines and be able to work with minimal supervision.

Sales Representative

If you’re a go-getter, enjoy working with people, motivated by money and you can take no for an answer you should consider a career as a sales representative.

There are lots of companies who are looking for inside or outside sales reps to land clients or sell a product. On top of a base pay, you can also receive commission for your sales…the more you sell, the more you earn.

Technical Support

If you’re the type of person who loves working with computers consider a career in technical support. A tech support rep helps end users with troubleshooting issues, installing/updating software and other applications.

You should be familiar with troubleshooting techniques and software for resolving computer issues. And, you should also rock some serious computer skills.

Wrapping Up The To 10 Work-From-Home Jobs

So those are the top 10 work-from-home jobs there are. I hope this list proves that working from home is more than just a job or side hustle, it’s a career!

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