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The Crème de la Crème of Work-from-Home Jobs

I started researching work-from-home jobs back in 2003 when I quit my job as a Coach Leader and Sales Manager to be home and spend more time with our kids. At that time they were tweens and teens – a time when we really needed to be there to keep them out of trouble.

Throughout the years I have come across a lot of work-from-home jobs and money making opportunities. But back in the day, at-home jobs were limited to jobs like telemarketing and data entry. The same went for the side hustle jobs. The ones you’d find were online surveys and typing jobs that were only temporary.

But let me tell ya, work-from-home jobs have changed over the years from telemarketing and data entry positions – as you are about to see.

Years ago, the work-from-home jobs I’m about to share with you could only be done from an office. But now that technology has brought the world to our fingertips so to speak, employees can now perform these jobs from the comfort of their own home.

If you ask me, this set up is a win-win because employers receive better productivity from their employees and employees can balance their work and home life.

That’s right, say buh-bye to the cubicle!

The Crème de la Crème of Work-from-Home Jobs

Online Chat Reps

This job is perfect if you have little ones running around because this requires no phone time. When my kids were little they were a rambunctious bunch – they were always running around the house yelling or banging on something. Heck, they still are but that’s another blog post. Hehe!

Anyway, as an online chat rep, you’ll assist customers with their online transaction or as an email chat rep, you’ll reply to emails asking for assistance.

Customer Service Reps

CSRs are the most common positions posted on job search sites. All you need is a quiet place to work in, a computer with high speed internet, a landline phone and a noise- cancelling headset, of course call center and customer service experience and you’re good to go.

Companies like Apple, UnitedHealth Group and U-Haul are among the well-known companies who have work-from-home programs and the list keeps growing.

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If you can speak Spanish, French, Chinese or Vietnamese your services are in demand. As a matter of fact, this field is expected to grow by 18% between now and 2026. (Resource: Occupational Outlook Handbook)

Translators are needed in courtrooms, hospitals and even schools to translate conversations between two parties or documents. You can work for a company or as an independent contractor. Or you can use your bilingual skills to make money teaching a second language.

Technical Support Rep

If you’ve ever called for technical support after normal business hours, chances are that support rep is working from home. Companies realize to provide excellent service is to accommodate the needs of their customers which is why more companies are offering 24/7 support for their product or service.

Thanks to technology, support reps are able to perform troubleshooting techniques to resolve customer issues from their home office.

Closed Caption Reporter

For this type of job you have to have some serious typing skills. The role of a closed caption reporter is to type text for a live televised broadcast or prerecorded show so speed and accuracy is a must.

Every company has its requirements but for the most part they require a typing speed of 180 to 280 words per minute. Mind blowing, right?

Online Tutors

Teachers and retired educators look to online tutoring sites to earn extra money teaching children in subjects like math, English and science.

They help kids with their homework and help them understand the subjects they’re struggling in and work toward improving their grades.

Courthouse Researcher

Most courthouse researchers work as independent contractors. They are hired by companies who need courthouse researchers to search through public records for basic information such as a person’s last known address or criminal history.

The information is collected for clients, for example, who are conducting background checks for employment verification.

Read my post 19 Places To Find Remote Courthouse Researcher Jobs for a list of places to find remote work.


Nurses can now trade in their scrubs and long shifts for t-shirt and jeans and their home office. They are needed to fill the roles of case managers for health insurance companies as a triage nurse to assess a patient over the phone and determine if emergency care is needed or to provide health care to patients who prefer to receive medical care at home.

Nurses need the same skills and experience as if they were working in a hospital or clinic. They must also be a registered RN and familiar with medical terminology.

Here are some places that hire remote case managers:

Cigna – Health Spring

Intella Triage

Molina Healthcare (use telephonic in keyword)

The Judge Group Triage

Triage 4 Pediatrics





Triage 4 Pediatrics


There are several types of transcription jobs; medical for transcribing consultations or clinical reports, general to transcribe things like minutes of meeting, and legal for transcribing depositions. Companies are looking for freelancers, part-time or full-time workers and are paid by line, by page or by project.

As far as skills go, most companies ask for a minimum of 2 years experience and you have to have awesome typing and listening skills.

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Medical Coder

This is a job that is no longer required to be done from a doctor’s office.

A medical coder provides the proper codes for office visits and procedures performed by a doctor and then billed to insurance companies.

You don’t have to be familiar with medical terminology. You do, however; have to recognize the diagnosis to input the appropriate code and know the ICD-10 code book.

Here are a list of places to check out:


Conifer Health Solutions



Maxim Health Information Services

MRA (Medical Records Associates)


The Coding Network

Sales Representative

Companies are looking for individuals to fill inside and outside sales rep jobs. This type of work is definitely for the go-getters who don’t take no for an answer.

It requires assertiveness, charm, persistence and you have to have a tough skin to endure the hang-ups, people yelling at you because you called at the wrong time, or the interruptions during a sale pitch.

But there is also a plus side to being a sales rep besides being able to work from home, the earnings. Most sales reps are paid by commission which explains why the sales rep you talk to won’t take no for an answer. Having been a sales rep myself I can surely understand.

Internet Researcher

Most of us already have experience as an internet researcher. We are already searching the internet, whether it’s a recipe, a how-to tutorial or what’s playing at your local cinema.

Companies are looking for people who are:

  • are precise with information
  • detail oriented
  • know how to work with different browsers
  • are familiar with software like Microsoft Office
  • and who can troubleshoot minor technical issues

To find out more about becoming an internet researcher and where to find work, read Make Money Online As An Internet Researcher.

The Best Places to Find Work-from-Home Jobs and What to Avoid

There are job board sites like Job2Career, Monster and Career Builder. And there are bloggers who post work-from-home opportunities on their website. And of course you can search for work-from-home jobs here.

I would stay away from sites that ask for membership fees. All they do is provide you a list of jobs (like I do) and charge you for them. So technically you’re paying for their research.

I would also stay away from jobs posted on Craigslist. Yes there are good jobs there. But I guess it’s a matter of the benefits outweighing the dangers of responding to those ads.

That’s All She Wrote

So there you have it, the crème de la crème of work-from-home jobs. The good news is many work-from-home jobs now includes a benefits package. That’s something that didn’t exist a couple of years ago either. And that makes it even more beneficial for women and men to telecommute from home!

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