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Testing Websites – An Incredibly Easy Way To Make Extra Money

Most moms are looking for a work from home job or side hustle that a. has flexible hours and b, that accommodates the littles. You know, like jobs that don’t require talking on the phone so they are free to run around the house without having to ‘shush’ them all the time.

My kids were teens at the time but job flexibility was important to me because I had to pick up the kids from school – and then there were after school activities they needed rides to.Plus I had a teenager who was in a band so there was music blasting in the afternoon and evenings.

Of all the opportunities there are to make money from home, testing websites is the perfect fit for moms.

Five years ago, I landed a three-month gig as a website tester for – think Anyway, my job was to click on each category, check product links, descriptions, product pics and list any missing data or broken links on a spreadsheet that I turned in every week.

I tell yah, that was the best gig I had! It paid well. The hours were flexible. And I didn’t have to speak with customers.

About Testing Websites

All you do is browse through a new website and report any bugs before it goes live. Most tests takes about 20 minutes to complete unless they want more details like the gig I did for Jet. Most of these gigs pays an average of $5-$25. Some pay you per website, other sites may pay you for your time.

Here is a list of websites to check out today:



Hire My Mom




Tester Work









Wrapping Up

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