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When you have bills piling up the only thing that matters is how to make extra money to get them paid.

But sometimes making extra money isn’t good enough. Sometimes you want a job that will be more fulfilling.

Something that will make you feel good knowing you’re making a difference somehow.

Teaching English online* is a great side hustle gig for moms who want to make extra money from home. And there is no greater feeling than helping a child and making a positive impact in their little lives while seeing it all unfold right before you.

I don’t know if you know this or not but before I worked for AT&T I was a teacher’s assistant for two years. My job was to help the kindergarten teachers and it was the greatest experience ever!

I tell yah, if my journey would have taken a different turn, I might have ended up being a teacher.

But as the saying goes – those who can’t do teach. I’m no teacher but if you are I can show you where you can teach English online. All you need is a computer plus a passion and the skills for teaching. And as long as you have a stable internet connection you can live and work virtually anywhere.

Join The VIPKID Group And Teach English Online

VIPKID * was founded in 2013 to provide a virtual classroom experience to elementary students with a curriculum that is aligned with the U.S. Common Core State Standards.

They provide an online learning experience teaching English to students who live in China. And they have funded support from top investors like former L.A. Laker Kobe Bryant.

Plus they were ranked #1 in Forbes top 100 work-from-home companies. That’s pretty cool, right?

VIPKID Qualifications

This is not like some online tutoring gigs where teacher certifications are not always required. In order to qualify as an online teacher for VIPKID you will need to hold a Bachelor’s degree.

So What’s In It For You?

Well, besides the opportunity to work from home or anywhere you’d like, there are other benefits working for VIPKID.

As an online teacher, you can earn from $14 to $22 an hour. And you have the flexibility to set your own hours. So you can work around your kid’s schedule or anything else you want to work around.

You don’t have to worry about writing up lesson plans and grading because they take care of that for you.

They even provide staff support by holding community meet ups for a meet and greet and to share best practices with other teachers.

What’s more is you are making a difference in a child’s life!

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How To Join

To join the VIPKID group there are five steps in the application process.

  1. First, submit your resume to be screened for basic requirements and teaching experience.
  2. The next thing you’ll do is have a one on one interview to showcase your teaching skills or submit a recorded demo lesson so that a VIPKID recruiter can evaluate you.
  3. After that, you’ll watch videos to get an introduction to teaching and learn about the VIPKID technology, standards and curriculum.
  4. Then you’ll take a mock class so you can practice teaching a full-length class with one of the VIPKID teachers.
  5. After that it’s time to sign your contract, upload docs and complete a background check. The information you provide will help VIPKID comply with their online safety and security standards and create a profile that allows students and parents to know and book you.
  6. Once everything checks out, you are officially a full-fledged VIPKID Teacher and can enter your availability on their portal so that VIPKID students can start booking you.

Over To You

If you want your next career move to be working from home and you have teaching experience, this could be what you’ve been looking for! Stop by the VIPKID Group* to start on the application process.

Good luck and happy teaching!

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