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How To Make Extra Money With Clothes You No Longer Need

Nowadays folks are looking for ways to make extra money to help make ends meet. And if you stop to think about it, there are plenty of opportunities online and offline.

For example, one way you might not have thought about is selling clothes you, your spouse or your kids no longer use or grew out of.

Do you have clothes in boxes or bags tucked away in the closet? If you do, keep on reading to find out how you can make money selling your clothes to local or online consignment shops.


How It Works

Consignment shops will take your gently used clothes and household items to sell in their shop. If any of your items is sold, you receive a percentage of the profit. In some cases, some consignment shops offer store so be sure to check their policy.

Here’s an example.  I understand at The Charity Guild of Catholic Women you start off at receiving 60% of the profit but the longer your items take to sell, the less profit you get in return.

Not bad for clothes that were just sitting in the closet. And it’s a nice little chunk of mad money.

When Selling Clothes You No Longer Need – Presentation Is Everything

If you are thinking about taking some stuff to your local consignment shop, here’s a friendly reminder. Presentation is everything. For instance, make sure the clothes are clean, wrinkle-free, folded or on a hanger. And that your household items are scratch-free and polished.

Consignment Shops To Sell Clothes You No Longer Need

While I was searching for consignment shops in my area I found some others. In case you’re interested I listed them for you below. To find a consignment shop in your area check out, Consignment Sale Finder or Consignment Shops Near Me.

These are some other sites I found:

Atlanta Consignment Stores

Double Take Luxury Consignment, NJ

The Bluebird Circle

Refinery 29 – The ultimate guide for consignment shops in NYC

The RealReal









Wrapping It Up

I hope you find a place on this list to sell your clothes. If you know anyone who could use some extra money, please share this post with them.

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