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22 Places To Search For Online Chat Jobs

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I know a lot of mamas who want to work. But paying for daycare and the cost of fuel to commute to and from work really isn’t worth leaving the kids for 8 or more hours a day.

Then work from home jobs started to appear all over the internet. But again, moms were faced with the task of finding a work from home job that would accommodate your littles to let them be free to sing out loud to their favorite TV show theme. My grandson Noah would drop everything to sing along to the PJ Masks theme song when it came on! ?

Who These Jobs Are Perfect For

There are so many work from home jobs out there but not all of them are a fit. For example, moms who have littles running around may not want a job that requires talking on the phone to customers.

But online chat jobs are perfect because it requires no phone time. So moms won’t be talking with customers on the phone. And that means the littles can run around the house and bang on their toys to their heart’s content – or until it works her last nerve! ?

Online chat jobs are also perfect for anyone who may not have a private area to work in and for anyone who prefers not to talk on the phone.

The Type Of Skills You Need

Chat jobs are more than just typing and addressing customer issues. There are certain skills you need.

LiveChat rounded up the top 15 customer service skills agents need in a post they wrote. Three of the top customer service experts said the most important skills they look for are customer commitment, resourcefulness, problem solving skills, typing skills and communication skills.

Where To Find Legit Online Chat Jobs

Here is a list of companies to search for legit online chat jobs.

Find More Chat Jobs Like These

I hope you find this post helpful. You can also get more online chat jobs on job search sites like FlexJobs*.

Good luck!

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