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18 Places To Find Legit Remote Typing Jobs

After punching a time clock or logging in based on my work schedule for over fifteen years, the one thing I wanted when I started working from home was a flexible schedule so that I can spend more time with my family.

You see, I missed out on my kids programs, plays, and competitions because I was always at work and I’ll never get that time back. Sure I was making money but at the same time I missed out on the memories and having that “proud parent” feeling we get when we watch our kids perform on stage.

When I talk to other moms who want to work from home, the flexibility to be available for their kids seems to be the common factor. And I don’t blame them for wanting to have the best of both worlds – being a mom and a mom who works. There’s nothing wrong with that and now thanks to technology, mom’s are able to make it happen considering it wasn’t that long ago when work-from-home jobs were far and few in between.

What Moms Want

For the most part, the moms I talk to don’t want to commit to a job that requires them to work a certain number of hours a week because they don’t want it to interfere with their home life. But they would like a side hustle to make extra money to help pay bills, add to their savings or just to have cash on hand in case of an emergency.

When you think about it, there are all kinds of side hustle opportunities moms can do from home like baking, start a gift wrapping business, you can even start a mom blog but those require long-term commitments and some experience in the field like a know-how to bake from scratch.

There is a variety of remote typing jobs available. From entry level jobs like data entry that pays you based on typing speed to typing jobs that require some experience and purchasing equipment like transcription. The good news is – there is something for everyone with all levels of experience.

One side hustle I like to recommend to mamas looking for a legit at-home jobs are typing jobs. Remote typing jobs gives moms – or anyone for that matter – the flexibility to work when and how long they want to work.

I’m not talking about gigs like remote closed caption reporter jobs where you have to have some serious typing skills to qualify. These are typing jobs where typing speeds from 40 to 60 wpm is acceptable.

Legit Remote Typing Jobs

Now, if you do a quick search online for typing jobs, you’ll get a ton of resources. Some good and some bad. But I did my homework so you don’t have to worry about figuring out which are the bad ones.

Here is a list of the best places to find legit at-home typing jobs. I’ve updated this list with more sites. And I’ll keep this list updated as I find more at-home typing gigs.

Remember to read through their requirements to be sure it’s the perfect side hustle for you.

Aberden Broadcasting Services

AccuTran Global

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Axion Data Services

Capital Typing

Click N Work

Click Worker

Dion Data Solutions






The SmartCrowd


Type at Home


If you need to brush up on your typing skills head on over to You can work on your typing speed and accuracy. They also offer a free typing trainer keyboarding course that’s designed to help double your typing speed.

Wrapping Up The Best At-Home Typing Jobs

So those are the places that offer legit at-home typing jobs. I hope you were able to find something in this list.

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