How To Write Short-Read eBooks and How-To Guides That Sell

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If you’ve ever stopped by a top blogger’s blog I bet you will see a product they’ve created somewhere around their site. Or if you’ve read a blog post about starting a blog or making money as a blogger, I’m sure “creating your own product” will be on their list.

The reason why so many seasoned bloggers encourage new bloggers to create their own product is so that there is a recurring income stream.

And if you don’t plan on blogging forever, maybe it’s time you think about creating your own product, too.

One common ways bloggers make money is by writing eBooks. It’s proven to be a great source of income. You can use older content to put an eBook together. Of course you’ll have to update the content and add to it.

For bloggers juggling a family, a job, or school this can take time. But what if you could make money writing short-read books or how-to guides and selling them on Kindle Unlimited?

If this sounds like a pretty cool idea to you, keep on reading!

How to Write Short-Read eBooks and How-To Guides

You know I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities to make money. Well, just recently, I was introduced to a whole new way of writing eBooks or how-to guides.

When you think about an eBook or guides, the first thing that probably pops in your mind is how much time takes to put one together.

Between my mom shift and managing my blog, it took me about four weeks to put my first eBook together. For me, that felt like a long time to get an eBook published.

Earlier this month, I received an email from Amy Harrop. She has been helping people create multiple content income streams for six years now.

Amy invited me to check out one of her most popular courses called Piggyback Publishing*.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of this or not but it was new to me. And you know me, if it’s going to add to our bottom line – meaning yours and mine – I’m going to check it out.

Just the name of the course had me curious. Usually when you see a title of a course, you instantly get an idea of what it’s going to be about. But with this one, I couldn’t come up with one.

This course does teach you how to put an eBook or how-to guide together. But it’s not like the eBooks we’ve learned to write from our mentors. Although if you have written an eBook of 10,000 pages or more – this method of writing is going to be a total breeze!


Piggyback Publishing: Writing eBooks That Sell Like Hotcakes!

So what is piggyback publishing anyway? This is a term to describe publishing content about other content.

Think of books like:

  • fiction summaries
  • non-fiction summaries
  • review books
  • discussion guides
  • study guides
  • fan guides

And I’m just thinking as I write here but if you have already published an eBook, you can apply this method to a longer version of your eBook as well. Why not, right?

These types of books cater to people who do not want to spend a lot of time reading a long written book or guide.

These books also appeal to students who are looking for study material they can read through quickly to find what they’re looking for. Remember Cliff Notes? My English teacher hated them but they sure saved my butt from a failing grade!

As bloggers, we have learned to write eBooks that provide as much information as we can about the topic. When we do, we end up with a book with the total wordcount of ten thousand words or more.

But this method is different. And that’s what got me interested in this.

Who Can Benefit From Writing Short-Read Books and How-To Guides?

If you’ve got the desire and the drive to write an eBook or how-to guide but not the time (like yours truly), I think this is something to seriously consider.

I picture the mom who’s running around after the kids, cleaning the house, cooking dinner and working her butt off to make it as a professional blogger. She’s got the drive for her eBook but she can’t find the time in between her other responsibilities to get started.

I’m also thinking about the dad who is this close to giving up his nine to five but he can’t just yet. So after work he’s logging in some hours toward his blog before calling it a night.

They’re both ready to write their own eBook or how-to guide together but don’t have the time to do it.

Does that mean they should give up on their dream? H*ll to the no!

That’s why I think this course is worth taking a look at and why I’m sharing it with you.

More About The Piggyback Publishing Course

Here’s what you’ll get from when you purchase this course.

You’ll learn what readers are looking for, the hottest niches and categories to write for and how to create content that rocks your readers.

Amy covers the opportunities there are for publishing these types of books. She also goes over four important pieces for your book to be a hit. Let me give you a hint to one of those pieces – branding.

You’ll find out about specific types of books you can write, how to format content outlines, create winning titles and how to optimize your book to promote the heck out of it.

And that’s just some of the material that’s available in this course. And there are also examples included so you can see what she’s talking about as you read along.

Final Words

After reading through Amy’s course, I am definitely putting this on my to-do list and I hope this post also encouraged you to try it out and write your own eBooks!

Click here to learn more about the course and how to get your copy.

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