How To Start A Successful Foodie Blog And Monetize It

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I love stopping by my favorite foodie blogger’s website. All those yummy recipe blog posts with the images and videos…it’s enough to make you drool! I tell yah, sometimes I can feel the weight gain just by looking at the images of all those dishes they share, hehe!

When I leave their site, not only am I leaving with a recipe to try on the fam but I’m thinking “man, if I could cook like that I would so have a foodie blog.”

I think it’s safe to say I’m probably not the only one who thinks that so I thought I would reach out to one of my favorite foodie bloggers I connected with on social media. I met Adriana Martine of Adriana’s Best Recipes on Triberr and I’m glad to say she has become an amiga as well as a counterpart.


Adriana is a Latina blogger who is inspired by the culinary culture in Mexico and influenced by the Mediterranean cuisine and grilling. She enjoys reading about the latest trends in cuisine, learn about new cultures, travel the world discovering new ingredients and sharing with famous chefs.

I reached out to her and asked if she would take a moment to share her tips for capturing high-quality images and share how she monetizes her blog. She’s got some great advice for future foodies. But first…

How to Start a Blog

Last week, I shared step by steps to start a blog. Besides deciding what you want to blog about, you also have to:

  • Choose and register your domain name
  • Choosing a web hosting provider
  • Choose a web development platform
  • Pick a theme
  • Set up professional email
  • Logo for your blog and social media accounts
  • Set up your social media accounts
  • Create great content

A foodie blog has to have high-quality images. It’s practically a must. So I asked Adriana what she does and the tools she uses for capturing images and video. This is what she had to say…

I use a Cannon EOS 70D that also allows for video. I use several different lenses and lights for food photography as well as many props.

And I am a prop fanatic. I have a room full of props for my photography as well as many types of plates, glasses and silverware.

I shoot during the day since natural light is best for food but sometimes you need some light to incorporate a different mood to the images.

Finally, I like to tell a story in my photography and light allows me to achieve that special effect I want.  Sometimes I also use my iPhone for video specifically really does a good quality job and it is handy when traveling or attending events.

How to Monetize a Foodie Blog

There are plenty of influencer networks for a blogger to join to monetize a blog. But for a specific niche like food there may be certain influencer networks that focus solely on that one niche.

Adriana shared the influencer networks she belongs to and how she monetizes her foodie blog.

What are some of the ways you’re monetizing your blog?

I mostly develop recipes for brands who kindly pay for the content I generate using their products and then I publish it on my site. I also participate in campaigns via blogger networks and I publish my recipes in various sites that play for my work.

What affiliate or influencer networks are a perfect fit for foodie bloggers?

There are many networks for food bloggers it depends on what it is your strategy and what you want to accomplish.  What I always say to new food bloggers is to have a game plan and a strategy, to understand why they are blogging, which is the audience they are trying to reach and keep authenticity.

Business and monetization will come but first you need to be passionate about food to become a food blogger. Believe me, we do not earn lot of money but we do eat well and have fun. If the goal is to earn money then is better to find a salaried job with a company. Food blogging requires dedication and willingness to learn as well as investment of time and money due to all the gadgets needed to produce quality content.

I work with professional networks like Social Fabric, Tap Influence, Acorn, and POP Sugar Select.

I am a Latina blogger so I work with Latino networks too like DiMe Media, Society Culinaria and Latina Bloggers Connect.

But I also work directly with the brands not through networks since I collaborate in various recipe sites owned by leading food brands. From time to time I also get hired to do food video and photography.

There are networks like Yummly or Chicory that distribute the content you publish. This last one also adds links to amazon and other stores for buying food products to make the recipes and you get revenue from that.

I do not have experience with affiliate marketing, however I have had advertising on my site but decided to turn it off. For me the guest experience is more important than the few dollars banner advertising brings. I want to provide a nonintrusive experience when people enter my site. I just want them to enjoy the photos and connect with me via the recipes I publish and being invited to come back.

plate of rice and cooked meat
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Connecting with Other Foodie bloggers

As bloggers we all know how important it is to connect with other bloggers in our niche. So I asked Adriana how she connects with her fellow foodie bloggers and this is what she shared.

I attend blogger conferences like the International Food Bloggers Conference, Hispanicize, AICP, BITE and LATISM.

I also attend many produce and farming events as well as food industry seminars.

Locally in Orlando I get involved with charities that organize blogger events to help raise awareness against child hunger.

She also had this advice to give foodie bloggers who are just starting out.

Ask yourself why you want to blog. Understand what is your passion and how you will be communicating that to your readers via your blog.

Be true to yourself, seek authenticity and embrace who you are.

Do not compare yourself and your work with others. We all are unique and everyone brings a different flavor and angle.

Invest in yourself taking seminars, photography training, writing classes, attend conferences. Read other blogs and learn from your peers.

Network and be a team player, rejoice when your blogger peers are successful because when they win we all win.

[bctt tweet=”Rejoice when your blogger peers are successful because when they win we all win. Adriana Martin #quote”]

Seek a blogging mentor to help you and give you advice. Return the favor mentoring new bloggers that you meet.

Value your work. Never work for free unless this will help you to achieve a bigger goal. Or if it will support you in relationship building with a brand.

Have fun and eat well =)

I sure hope you enjoyed this post. If you’re a foodie blogger newbie, I hope this gave you a head start into your blogging journey.

And don’t forget to connect with Adriana on Facebook @AsBestRecipes, on Twitter @ABRecipes and check out her Pinterest page @asbestrecipes.

More Resources To Help With Your Foodie Blog

Pick up the free eBook 10 Mistakes that Bloggers Make* and sign up for Food Blogger Pro* for help with your foodie blog.

I hope you found Adriana’s advice helpful! If you know anyone who would like to become a foodie blogger, please share this post with them.

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