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How to Make the Most of Remote Working in 2024

As we begin a brand new year, the subject of goals always comes up. We may ask ourselves questions, such as:

  • What did and did not work in previous years?
  • What were my biggest struggles?
  • What do I have the power to change?
  • In what ways can I benefit from a shift in perspective?

If you’ve been working from home for a while, the idea of it may no longer be a novelty for you. But if this is new to you – or if you’re still in the stage of contemplating whether this is the right path for you, it helps to have a plan, a vision, and some strategies in place.

Now, while sipping coffee in pajamas during your work day may seem like a dream come true, the truth is, if you aren’t organized, it can quickly turn into a nightmare.

The good news is with some easy-to-follow strategies, you can create a realistic schedule that will help to promote productivity, time management, and a nice work/life balance.

And if you’ve been doing this a while, but still feel like your routine could use some tweaking, this post will help you to make some simple shifts to establish a workday that flows a bit easier.

2024 Isn’t Just About Surviving The Work Day

It’s about thriving in it!

So let’s go over some tips that will catapult your remote working routine into something smooth and pleasant.

Home Office Set Up

Do you have a designated home office space? Or are you relying on the living/dining room table?

Perhaps you have an extra room in the house for a traditional home office setup. If this is so, great!

But if you don’t, that’s ok. You can still be creative and transform anything you have available at your disposal to support a productive remote work environment.

I have a post that goes into detail about how to set up a home office that helps to promote productivity, along with another one that offers helpful tips on home office setups on a budget.

You don’t have to have a fancy setup. But it does help if it’s pleasant, organized and efficient.

Setting a Schedule In Advance

Having a strict schedule will not only help you to stay more on task, but it’ll also work to your advantage when it comes to scheduling out time for breaks.

It’s easy to forget to take a time-out during the workday. We get caught up in whatever we’re doing and before we know it, hours have gone by and we’re still sitting, having not moved, and getting stiff and sore muscles.

There are wonderful techniques like the Pomodoro technique that allow you to set up specific work times, along with breaks. You can find these timers for free online. While they usually have a default timing system in place, you can tailor them to your own needs.

I have several other tips about mastering time management while working from home in this post.

Remote Working Success Means Staying Active and Healthy

It’s important to keep your well-being in mind while working from home.

This not only matters when it comes to your physical health but your mental and emotional health as well.

Stretching throughout the day is important since it helps to promote flexibility. In addition, you get the benefits of some quiet time, allowing your mind to rest and reset, which encourages inspiration and productivity.

When it comes to meals, it’s easier to have them prepared in advance. And if you need some lunch ideas, there are numerous articles out there filled with easy lunch recipes.

It also helps to schedule your workouts in advance. I have a post that breaks down 8 easy-to-follow tips that go into more detail about how to stay healthy during the workday.

Setting and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries

Another common issue that many people who work from home contend with has to do with boundaries.

Are your kids home during the day? Do you have family members who think you’re available whenever they need you just because you aren’t in an office somewhere?

You can tackle these issues head-on at any time, but it’s much easier to set this up from the beginning.

Don’t feel guilty letting others know you aren’t available during the workday (unless you’ve planned otherwise).

If you aren’t sure what steps to take to make sure your workday doesn’t continuously get interrupted by any number of distractions, check out these easy-to-follow strategies on how to set healthy boundaries while working from home.

Remote Working Success Comes Down To Planning

Remote working can be a rewarding experience for numerous reasons, but like with anything else, there can be some pitfalls if you aren’t prepared in advance.

The tips shared in this post are meant to help make life easier during the workday by tackling your workspace, scheduling, well-being, and overall productivity.

I hope you found them helpful! And don’t forget to check out the posts linked in this one. They go into further detail with additional steps and strategies to help make working from home as pleasant as it sounds.

This blog post shares important tips to help make remote working in 2024 a breeze and a successful venture.
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