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30+ Companies Hiring Remote Workers

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many companies to allow employees to work from home. A new normal a lot of people have embraced and have grown accustomed to.

But when companies are given the all clear to go back onsite, a majority of their employees will prefer to continue working from home.

As a matter of fact, a survey conducted by Global Workplace Analytics shows 76% of employees want to continue to work from home post CoVID-19.

The most common reasons people want to work from home are flexibility in their schedule, the ability to avoid commute times and costs, an opportunity to create a comfortable and personalized work environment, and the chance to achieve a better work-life balance. Additionally, some individuals may have caregiving responsibilities or health issues that make working from home a more practical and accommodating option.

34 Companies That Hire Remote Workers

In another study done by Gallup’s research, it shows more than 50% of office workers would be willing to quit their to work from home.

That said, in case you’re one of the ones looking for a work from home job, here is a list of 30 companies that hire remote workers.

  1. Accenture
  2. Aerotek
  3. Aetna
  4. Amazon
  5. American Express
  6. Appen
  7. Apple
  8. Capital One
  9. Citibank
  10. Collabera
  11. Dell
  12. Enterprise Holdings
  13. Humana
  14. Intuit
  15. JetBlue
  16. LanguageLine Solutions
  17. Lionbridge
  18. LiveOps
  19. Mozilla
  20. Randstad
  21. Red Hat
  22. Salesforce
  23. Sitel
  24. SYKES
  25. Teleperformance
  26. Transcom
  27. TTEC
  28. United Airlines
  29. UnitedHealth Group
  30. Wayfair
  31. Williams-Sonoma
  32. Working Solutions
  33. Xerox

Global Workplace Analytics also indicated employers can save $11K per half-time telecommuter per year, I think it’s safe to say this list will be getting longer as the years go by. And that’s great news for remote workers around the world!

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This post shares a list of companies hiring remote workers.
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