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Affordable Ways To Market Your Home-Based Or Online Business

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Having a small or next-to-nothing budget to market your home-based or online business is a common dilemma for most business owners. I had the same problem when my virtual assistant business first launched.

When you start mapping out a strategy to market your home-based business but the budget (if you can call it that, right) doesn’t look so hot you might think the outlook sucks but it doesn’t have to.

So what kind of strategy can you put together on a minimal budget? Keep on reading for a list of affordable ways to promote the heck out of your home-based or online business.

Some of these strategies will involve cost but it should be within your budget.

Set Up A Website For Your Home-Based Or Online Business

An affordable way to market your home-based business is to set up a website. This is where you can tell customers about your business, share client testimonials, display your rates, contact information and promotions.

A self-hosted website on WordPress is free to start and hosting with providers like GreenGeeks* (which is the host I use for my websites) who offer plans starting at $2.95.

If you’re not tech savvy, there are plenty of web designers with reasonable prices who can get you all set up.

Start A Blog

Another easy way to promote your home-based or online business is to start a blog. If you have website or when you set one up, it’s only a matter of creating a page for your blog and you’re good to go.

A blog is where you can update your clients and future customers with what’s happening in your business. Blog about promos, share tips from your industry and most importantly, connect with your

If you don’t have any blogging experience, you take can online courses to show you the basics of blogging.

market online business

Start A Mailing List

You can also promote your business by starting a mailing list. Send weekly or monthly newsletters to update customers about the latest happenings in your business like promotions, blog content and debut new products or services.

I recommend using MailChimp. It’s free to use up to 2,000 subscribers and even their Essentials plan is affordable at only $9.99 per month.

Create Special Promotions

Nothing grabs a customer’s attention more than rewards or freebies. Keep your business on the minds of your customers by offering special promotions like a 30 minute consultation or free trial to your products.

Set Up Social Media Pages

You should have social media pages set up for your business but you don’t need to be on every single one of them. Use platforms your customers are on most and like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. And set up a professional profile on LinkedIn.

market online business

Boost Social Media Posts

After you’ve created social media pages for your business, start boosting posts to reach more potential customers or promote your website by placing a social media ad with a link that will redirect users to your website.

Reach Local Customers Through Snail Mail

Don’t forget your local customers! The United States Post Office has a service called Use Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM®) to promote your business in your local community. If you’re having a sale, or offering coupons, EDDM can send postcards, menus, and flyers to your targeted customers.

Wrapping It Up

I hope you this post gave you a few ideas to promote your home-based or online business.

Discover affordable ways you can market your home-based or online business to draw in more customers and clients online and locally.
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