7 Benefits of Being a Part-Time WAHM

If you’re undecided about going back to work, it’s definitely worth considering a part-time position from home. You could even start your own business or side hustle, which will give the flexibility to carry on spending quality time with the kids. Being a WAHM has many advantages. You can learn to balance your routine and make the most of your time. If you’re interested in starting a new business or career it will bring you many opportunities to learn new skills and find your passion. Not to mention the extra cash you’ll bring in and the money you’ll also save on childcare. Here are seven benefits of being a part-time work at home mom.

#1 Make extra cash

There are plenty of ways you can make extra cash from home, without working full-time. You could work for yourself offering freelance services. This way you can develop your existing talents or skills. You could work as a virtual assistant or work in part-time customer services roles. If you’re a budding mompreneur you can even start your own business.  For example, if you’re the creative type, why not start a craft business or sell homemade products? You could even start a blog and do affiliate marketing. Here are few side hustle ideas to give you inspiration. These can end up being very lucrative.

#2 Spend more time with the kids

When comparing part time versus full time work schedules one clear advantage is time. If you’re only working part-time you can spend more quality time with your children. Working from home allows you to do this as well. You’ll save both time and money on your daily commute and can organize your day more easily. If your work is flexible enough, you can schedule your day around school hours, or nap times.

#3 Flexible working hours

If you work for yourself you may have the luxury of choosing your own hours. Even if you work for a company there are still many benefits for your employer. Offering flexible working hours to staff tends to result in more engaged and motivated employees. Speak to your manager and discuss your ideal work schedule. Working part-time should allow you more leeway. 

#4 Being a part-time WAHM will save you money on childcare

Working from home will also allow you to save money on childcare. The average cost of childcare is often considerable but it’s unavoidable if you’re out working all day. By working part-time from home you have the flexibility to simply hire a babysitter when you need one. If you have a particularly busy day you can arrange childcare on a temporary basis. This will inevitably be much cheaper than full-time support.

#5 Set an example for your children

Being a WAHM is one of the ways to set a good example for your children. They will learn from your work ethic and habits. This will be good for them later in life. If you set the right example your children will develop a more positive attitude towards work. With older children, you can explain to them a little more about what you do and teach them the value of money. If you have younger ones it’s important to create a separate space and proper environment to work in, so they’ll associate this with hard work.

#6 Learn new skills

As a WAHM, a part-time job will give you many opportunities to learn new skills. This is very motivating and beneficial for your overall well-being. It’s said that learning new skills boosts your confidence and leads to a greater sense of life satisfaction overall. You’ll also be better at setting and achieving your goals and develop more resilience. If you’re planning on starting a new career, side hustle, or even small business it’s important to outline the necessary skills you’ll need. This way you can focus on improving these. You could even study a relevant course to prepare yourself. This would also be very rewarding and will open up many doors for you.

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#7 Find your passion

Getting back to work even if it’s only part-time will give a chance to find your passion. Consider choosing a field that aligns with your values and interests. This is especially important if you’re going freelance, or setting up your own business. There are several reasons why passion is important. It’s what really drives you to achieve your goals because you genuinely believe in the work you do. You can then pass this positive attitude on to your children and inspire them to find their own passion in the future.

I hope these benefits were helpful to you!

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