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5 Ways To Get Kids Moving and Get Your Daily Workout At The Same Time

Working out is hard as it is. Even when you are single, your life tends to be busy, and finding the time is difficult. Things get worse when you have kids and your time is divided between them and everything else going on around you.

However, I decided to find ways in which I could get my kids moving, and I could fit in my daily workout. Trust me, it isn’t easy to get started, but there are certain activities they will like that benefit the whole family. The idea is to make everything a bonding moment for you and fun for your kids. If they see it as a chore or homework, they won’t want to do it, so get your imagination going and work out together.

As part of this new healthy mom life, I want my family to live, I decided to also eat healthy and teach them the value of food and nutrients. You can start by replacing some of those unhealthy snacks with homemade almond milk and fruit.

If you are ready to get fit and teach your kids the importance of physical activity, try starting with these few tips that I found useful.

How to Get Your Kids Moving and Stay In Shape Too

#1. Play Music and Makeup Dances

Pick your favorite music, or theirs, and turn up the volume. Get them together in the living room and make up a dance. You can be the guide and show them the moves–the faster you go, the more of a workout you’ll get.

If you want, you can look up music videos for songs you like, and have your kids mimic the movements. If they pick the music, then you can speed up your movements, your kids might even try to follow your lead. It’ll be a fun dance party that helps you stay in shape!

#2. Daily Walks

Kids aren’t too fond of walking, but you can turn this activity into a game. After dinner, or during the afternoon, have them come with you on a walk around the neighborhood. Tell them you are all looking for clues to a treasure, or ask them to spot certain things for you.

When you walk with your kids, you may even do it faster and more actively than by you as children tend to walk and run around when they are playing. If your kids are older, tell them that you are on a mission and have to find the old haunted house, or the willow tree, to get a treasure and come back home. These walks can take hours if you make them fun enough!

#3. Make Chores an Exercise

get kids moving and get daily exercise

Chores are no fun, but they have to be done. Turn them into a game as well so your kids can get moving and you can get some exercise in. When it’s time to vacuum, tell them to pretend it’s a dragon coming to get them, they’ll run away from you, and you will run behind them.

Some chores are more tedious, like doing laundry or washing dishes, but they can still be active. When you’re folding clothes, hide your kids’ in different rooms, have them find them, and come back to you, while they do this, time them and do some jumping jacks, or planks.

When you are doing dishes, tell them to pretend they are saving precious stones that break easily… but the floor is lava; they’ll have to find a floor tile that is safe and then they can help you dry the dishes. Do the same with some jumping squats, or side-to-side jumps, this way you exercise too!

#4. Take the Longer Route

If you are going somewhere with your kids, avoid using the elevator, instead take the stairs. When you have the possibility to walk places, do it. Park your car in a further spot and walk more, and if you want, pretend to lose the car, so you and your kids can walk around and look for it.

Going to the supermarket is also an excellent way to get moving. Have your kids walk around looking for ingredients, but trick them about the aisle they’re in, take longer loops, and if you want even more exercise, fill up your cart with heavier things, even if you don’t end up taking them in the end.

#5. Makeup Scenarios

This is probably the most efficient way for you to get some cardio and strength exercise. Go to their room, or playroom, make up a creative scenario, like dinosaurs or monsters, and tell them that they have captured them. In this case, you will be the monster, and for them to be free, they have to follow your lead.

Do some burpees, planks, squats, abs, star jumps, jumping jacks, bridges, and even some stretches. Your kids will try to imitate you as you do these. If they get bored, have one of them be the monster instead, they’ll make up silly movements, and you can pretend to follow them, or just do your own harder version–if you don’t follow correctly, they’ll laugh and have fun looking at you.

Let’s Get Moving!

Remember, kids are just kids, they probably can’t work out for as long as you can, or they’ll get bored faster. But once you start being active with them, they’ll get used to it and seek exercise on their own. Make every single little thing at home a workout for you, and you’ll notice the difference in no time!

Also, remember to hydrate well. Kids need to drink lots of water, but if they are picky about that too, make some sparkling water with lime, mint, or even fruit, so that they stay healthy, and you as well!

What do you think? Are these workout ideas easy for you to follow? Do you have any other tips of your own? Start every other day, and with time, your kids will want to do this by their own will. Let’s get moving!

Author Bio: Chidinma is the founder of Fruitful Kitchen, a blog that shares delicious recipes and lifestyle tips. Most of her recipes help women with fertility issues, especially fibroids, PCOS, and Endometriosis. Sometimes, however, you will find other interesting recipes, as well as cooking tips and tricks there. You can also follow her on Twitter @chidinma_zee


Promote a healthy lifestyle for the family. Here are five ways to get your kids moving and get your daily workout at the same time.


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