These Companies Always Hire Remote Workers

When I started working from home there weren’t many job positions to choose from. It was either a sales job, customer service, or telemarketing. Not really what you would call ‘options’ right?

But it was that or doing side hustles like completing online surveys or data entry jobs. I did those too. But I was looking for a long-term work-from-home job and those were my only options at the time.

Anyway, that was back in 2007. A long, long time ago! Thirteen years later now there are different types of jobs for remote workers. Just look at job search sites for remote work like ZipRecruiter and FlexJobs*.

And anyone who is looking for a remote job in fields other than sales and customer service can definitely find one.

For example, Bankrate shared the best remote jobs. And here are the jobs that made the top 10 list.

  1. Virtual Assistant
  2. Medical transcriptionist
  3. Translator/interpreter
  4. Web developer/designer
  5. Call center representative
  6. Tech support specialist
  7. Travel agent
  8. Teacher/tutor
  9. Writer/editor
  10. Franchise owner

To see which other work from home jobs made the best list, click here.

16 Companies Looking For Remote Workers Right Now!

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If you’re currently looking for a remote job, here is a list of companies that are always looking for remote workers.

Good luck!

  1. Appen
  2. Apple At-Home Advisor
  3. CenturyLink
  4. Concentrix
  5. Dell
  6. LanguageLine Solutions
  7. Lionbridge
  8. LiveOps
  9. SYKES
  10. Teleperformance
  11. Transcom
  12. TranscribeMe
  13. TTEC
  14. VIPKid
  15. Williams-Sonoma
  16. Working Solutions

Wrapping It Up

I sure hope you find something on this list. For more work-from-home job leads like this, check us out on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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