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10 Creative Ways Moms Can Make Money From Home Without Using a Phone

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Being a mom is a full-time job in itself, but many mothers also want to contribute financially to their households. But when you have littles running around, dogs barking at the UPS guy, or if you live by a busy street like I do, it’s kind of hard not to have any background noise. And privacy, what’s that? 🙂

The good news is that there are numerous opportunities to make money from the comfort of your home without relying on a phone.

So what kind of jobs can moms like you do when the house is like Grand Central Station. In this blog post, we’ll explore ten creative ways that moms can generate income without the need for constant phone usage.

Make Money From Home…

Believe it or not there are some ways to make money from home that doesn’t require any phone time at all. So the kids can run around and do their thing while you get your hustle on!

Here are ten ways to make money from home without picking up the phone, and where you can find them.

#1 Completing Tasks

Get paid to complete short tasks for cash. These are also known as microjobs because some projects can be completed within minutes. And for my international friends looking for ways to make money from home most of these sites allows members living from any country to register.

Field Agent






Social Lens Research


#2 Website & App Testing

You can also make money from home testing websites. Simply put, all you do is browse through a new website and report any bugs before it goes live.

I did website testing for and it was one of the easiest gigs I’ve ever done. And the pay wasn’t that bad either!

Each test takes about 20 minutes to complete and the pay is normally $10 per test. You can easily make an extra $200 a month with this gig.



Hire My Mom*

Tester Work







moms make money from home

#3 Paid Blogging Gigs

This one needs no explanation. If you want to start a blog and make money, these websites offer paid blogging gigs. Check out these sites to search through their latest projects. You must have some blogging/writing experience to qualify.

Blogging Jobs



Bloggers also partner up with influencer networks to write paid content for brands. Sites like Blog Meets Brand will connect you with brands like Walmart, Neutrogena, and M&Ms.

#4 Make Money Freelance Writing

If you have a way with words, consider freelance writing. You can write articles, blog posts, or even e-books for clients. Websites like Upwork and Fiverr are excellent platforms to find writing gigs.

An example is ghostwriting content for a website, earning around $25-$100 per article. Check out these places looking for ghostwriters.

Hot Ghost Writer

Relay Publishing

People per Hour

eWriter Solutions


#5 Chat or Email Reps

When I worked as a customer service rep, the only way a customer could get a hold of me was by phone. By the time I finished my shift, I would be so tired to talk that I would hardly say a word when I got home. Customer service rep jobs aren’t physically demanding but it’s a different kind of tired.

But man that has changed big time!

Now people can communicate with a customer service rep via chat or email and when you add the bonus of working from home this is the perfect job for anyone who has a busy house.

You still have to have a private work space to be able to focus on the job but you don’t have to worry about the background noise.

This type of work can make a great part time job that brings home a steady paycheck.

Take a look at these places that hire chat reps or email CSRs.



My Live Pro



moms make money from home

#6 Data Entry Jobs

It’s very hard to find a legit data entry job you can do from home but there out there. You just have to sift through all the B.S. jobs out there to get to them.

The type of data you’re tying will vary from each company. When I did data entry for the SmartCrowd, I was typing snippets from income tax forms like names of companies and the names of the owners.

This type of work will not replace a full time job but it can add some extra money in your pocket.

So if you have the typing skills, check out these legit data entry jobs you can do at home.

Axion Data Entry Services

Capital Typing

Dion Data Solutions


#7 Translators

If you can speak another language you can make some money. More companies are recognizing the need to staff bilingual employees or hire bilingual contractors or freelancers.

Although Spanish is the more sought after language, others such as French, Chinese, and Vietnamese are also required. As an independent translator, you’ve got the freedom to work from your home with clients such as attorneys, doctors, courthouse, or any corporation.

Take a look at these sites hiring translators.

ABC Translations

AccuRapid Translation

Affordable Translations

All Languages



Propio Language Services

#8 Online Tutoring

Sharing your knowledge with others through online tutoring is a rewarding way to make money. Platforms like VIPKid or Chegg Tutors allow you to teach subjects you’re passionate about, such as math or language arts. Earnings can range from $15 to $30 per hour.

#9 Make Money Selling Handmade Crafts

If you’re crafty, you can sell your handmade goods on platforms like Etsy. Create unique items like hand-painted artwork, handcrafted jewelry, or custom home decor. Earnings depend on the product and market demand.

#10 Remote Bookkeeping

If you have a background in finance, remote bookkeeping can be a lucrative option. Websites like Bookminders and Togetherwork connect bookkeepers with businesses in need of financial management. Earnings can range from $20 to $40 per hour.

Here ten creative ways moms with littles running around can make money from home without talking on the phone to customers or clients.

Wrapping Up The 10 Ways To Make Money From Home

Being a mom doesn’t mean you can’t contribute financially while staying at home. These ten creative ways to make money without relying on a phone can help you balance work and family life. Whether you’re a writer, a crafter, or a finance enthusiast, there are opportunities out there waiting for you to explore!

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